Why Eat Well and healthy?


Eating healthy food is important at all ages, but it’s particularly important as you get older. For numerous adults, however, consuming healthy food day in and day out can be a bit rough. Why should I eat well? What is the link between consuming healthy food and maturing well? What may I do to eat healthier? How can I choose realistic goals that I am capable of meeting?

What is the link between consuming healthy food and maturing well?
Healthy living – which includes both consuming healthy food and maintaining a regular exercise routine – can assist you in conforming to the natural maturing process and keep your youthful vigor.

Why do I need to eat healthy food?
Regardless of when you begin, eating a healthy diet can assist you in maintaining and even improving your health – even more so if you combine it with exercise as well.
Putting together, healthy eating habits and routine physical activity can be the difference between independence and a life of being able to do nothing on your own.
This can aid you in life by providing you with the energy you require to remain active and do the things you wish to do. As well, healthy eating can also stop or slow down the advancement of numerous chronic sicknesses, such as heart disease and diabetes, osteoporosis and a few types of cancer. Eating healthy can also help you deal better
with both physical and mental strain, operations and even the common cold or influenza.

The fundamentals of healthy living:
Consume an assortment of foods. Eat in moderation. Size matters, so limit your portions!

Consume a lot of:
→ Veggies and fruit.
→ Whole grains (for example, bread, pasta, oatmeal and brown rice).
→ Legumes (such as dried beans, peas, lentils).
→ Sea Food.
→ Unsaturated fats (from vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds).
→ Lean meat (for example chicken and turkey).
Consume Less:
→ Saturated fats (found in butter, lard, deli meats, bacon and
→ Trans fats (found in processed foods, cookies, cakes and deep-fried foods)
→ Refined or enriched grains
→ Salt and sugar (including sugary drinks as well as jams, candies and baked goods)
→ Consume a lot of water.
→ Participate in something active daily.
What am I able to do to consume better food?
The difficult part is to eat in a fashion that aids you in maintaining a
healthy weight, while also providing you with the nutrients you
require for good health.
→ Veggies and fruit
→ Grain products, including bread rice, pasta, and cereals
→ Milk and alternatives like low-fat cheese and yogurt
→ Meat – fish, shellfish, poultry, lean meat – and alternatives, like eggs, beans, lentil, chickpeas, tofu, and nuts.