Without exaggeration: Here’s why the corn meal is the healthiest meal in the world


Corn meal is a dish that originated in northern Italy. National title corn meal is and has always been considered a rural meal. Very healthy and tasty, the corn meal and preparation very easy and can be consumed in various ways in combination with a variety of foods.

This is a meal that’s made of white or yellow corn grits. Corn flour or flour have an awfully positive impact on the total health. the foremost necessary factor regarding this dish is that corn flour doesn’t contain protein and may be consumed everybody no matter age.

It is ideal for babies, for people who take care of their kilograms, or for those who have problems with the digestive system.

Composition corn meal and its health benefits:

This meal contains enough minerals, nutrients, and vitamins as much as the body needs to function normally. Corn meal has a great effect on prevention of various diseases, as well as all of the human health. It consists of natural fats, ie. Carotenoids and just and healthy fats are responsible for CORN MEAL able to promote better and better bowel function. Corn meal is excellent in eliminating excess weight because it also affects the good and healthy digestion.

Corn is responsible for all the benefits of this delicious meal. Immediately after wheat and rice, maize is true of the most important cereal in the world. It is one of the best foods that the human body meets long-term good energy.

Corn flour contains a large array of nutrients. This flour is a great source of folate, vitamin B6, C and E, pantothenic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. It also boasts a high content of phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium, copper, selenium and manganese.

Thanks to just corn that contains corn meal have very few calories in itself and is a therefore ideal meal for weight loss. She is one of the best and most effective foods that are recommended when the child in question.

100 g corn meal contains about 380 calories. It is composed of only natural materials so that both its carbohydrates and lipids positive for the human body.Corn meal is a great choice for babies and children.

A healthy meal that they worship, especially if combining with yogurt or some vegetables that kids love. Another reason is that this meal is ideal for children is that corn meal prevents a sudden drop in immunity.

Reducing the risk of cancer is one of the advantages that the human body provides corn meal. It is scientifically proven to university in America to eating corn meal significantly reduce the risk of occurrence of this serious disease.Corn meal will reduce the risk of colon cancer, as well as the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Strengthening the cells of the colon is also one of the successes that have been recorded in people who are corn meal included in your regular meals. In addition, to strengthen them, corn meal will also act on an intact organism antioxidant, not only in the intestine.

Reduces cholesterol because of smart fats it contains, additionally as fiber and sophisticated carbohydrates. thus for these reasons, corn meal can stop the emergence of excess weight. The consumption of healthy meals and brings profit once the heart and circularly human health is concerned.

There is a difference between domestic and purchasing corn meal

Corn meal to be purchased in stores is enriched with ascorbic acid, ie vitamin C, and beta carotene, and is therefore somewhat richer when vitamin A and C comes from domestic, but when it comes to calories, carbohydrates and fat are similar amounts within the and domestic and purchasing.

Corn meal can be prepared in two ways. Each is very easy and quick to prepare. In order to make polenta in the first mode, t is necessary to put in the pot 3 and the cup of water. Then add a little sunflower oil and a pinch of salt. When it all boils temperature is reduced to the minimum and poured one cup of corn polenta with constant stirring.

When storing corn meal is recommended to use wooden spoons, due to the oxidation of the metal bucket. This tasty meal can add some healthy seeds or favorite vegetable.

Another way in which the corn meal can store is next. The container is filled with a liter of water and the. Then add one teaspoon of salt and wait until the water boils. When boiling water is added to 500 g of corn flour. Flour will remain on the surface of the water. The floor is wooden spoon make a hole and allowed to both cooks over medium low heat. After some time the meal will blend with water and then the corn meal, delicious and healthy, ready for consumption.

Corn meal can be saved and a variety of dishes and one of them are delicious and healthy corn bread.

The ingredients needed for corn bread corn meal are as follows:

/150 g of corn meal
/3 eggs
/200 g flour
/300 g of fine cheese, low-fat
/1 teaspoon salt
/1 baking powder
/200 ml of yogurt
/100 mL of sunflower oil

While making ready the mixture must begin over two hundred degrees. during a bowl combine the eggs till they foamy and product in them are other to the oil and dairy product, so the mixture is well kneaded with a mixer. once getting a homogenized mixture is other to flour and corn flour with a teaspoon of salt and therefore the leaven.